Reflective: A ten minute play in which Tayla, a 16 year old high school student faces her insecurities, bullying, and eventual self acceptance to her own reflection. (Mentored by Daniel Goldfarb 2015) 2W

  • Theatre Masters Festival NYU Selection 2015

  • Capital Repertory Theatre's Next Act! New Play Summit 5 Official Selection 2016

  • Women’s Theatre Festival of North Carolina 2019

WO[MAN]: In this absurdist farce, a United States Government Official and a Father show a Mother how her newborn daughter will be raised. (Mentored by Carol Rocamora 2016) 2M, 1W

  • Paper Kraine Selection - Kraine Theater 2017

  • Capital Repertory Theatre's Next Act! New Play Summit 8 Official Selection - Proctors Theatre 2019

  • LIC One Act Play Festival - The Secret Theatre 2019

A Shop Owner’s Dilemma: As gentrification looms over a shop owner’s restaurant, an unlikely trio attempts to to save it. (Developed at Living Room Theater’s New Play Incubator) 3 Players.

  • Morbid Dumpling Productions - National Opera Center 2018

Full Length:

Peace and Quiet:  In this dark comedy, a family must decide what to do with Simon, the patriarch in his 70s suffering from Alzheimer's, until his wife decides to take matters into her own hands. (Mentored by Nicky Silver 2016) 3W, 2M

  • Midtown International Theatre Festival: Fall Official Selection/Playwright's Award - Workshop Theater 2016

  • Play-Makers Spokane Woman Are Funny Finalist 2018

  • Sundog Theatre: Fall 2018

The Newlywed Game (Formerly - Across the Aisle): A young interracial couple hosts their traditional families for Thanksgiving and drops the bomb that they are engaged, begging the question how do you create a future with someone from an entirely different past? 4M, 4W

  • New City New Blood - Theater for the New City 2018

  • Women Playwright Series - Centenary Stage Company 2019


PINNED DOWN "Pilot": Chloe, a recent college graduate, seemingly had all it took to be successful. But when things don't pan out the way she expected it to and her career, love life, and housing situation are less than ideal, Chloe must face her self destructive behavior and Pinterest board head on in order to be a successful adult in the real world. (Mentored By Kenneth Krauss 2014.)

  • Fusion Film Festival Finalist 2016



Complimentary Colors: When an elderly painter attempts to draw his deceased wife, he enlists in the help of his daughter, who discovers that she's losing him to Alzheimer's. (Mentored by George Malko 2016)

"This is a visually imaginative work with a complex protagonist in a common, yet touching story." -Slamdance 2018

  • Fusion Film Festival Finalist 2018

  • ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Quarterfinalist 2018

  • ScreenCraft Film Fund Semifinalist 2018